Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark


On September 23rd the Tumbler Ridge Geopark became a Global Geopark, supported by UNESCO.

UNESCO Press Release

Tumbler Ridge Press Release


CBC Radio interview


Geopark funding announcement interview


Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark

Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Application to UNESCO - October 2013

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An application has been sent by the Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark to the Global Geoparks Network to become a member of this network, and for the Tumbler Ridge area thus to become a Global Geopark. Currently there are close to 100 Global Geoparks, including one in North America (Stonehammer) and one in South America (in Brazil).



Informational Brochures:

Tumbler Ridge Bird Checklist
Tumbler Ridge Area Geological EthicsGeological Summary of the Tumbler Ridge Area

Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark: GeositesTumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Brochure


Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark - Letters of Support

British Columbia Parks, Capital Power, District of Tumbler Ridge (Office of the Mayor), MLA Blair Lekstrom, Northern British Columbia Tourism Association, Peace River Regional District, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, Canadian National Committee for Geoparks, United Nations Water for Life, University of Northern British Columbia, Kelly Lake Cree Nation


Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Symposium

July 26th-28th 2013

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The Steering Committee of the Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark won
the 2013 Innovator Award from Northern BC Tourism.


Kareana Jensen is a classical composer living in Tumbler Ridge, sufficiently inspired by the grandeur of the geology and the Geopark concept to write music specific to these themes. "Kinuseo Falls" is one of her best-known pieces, in which, with a little imagination, the waters of the Murray River can be heard accelerating, tumbling over this magnificent waterfall, and subsiding in the pool below.


Questions can be directed to:

Dr Charles Helm, Chairperson,
Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Steering Committee:
phone +1 250 242 3984