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Dear Prospective Member: These are exciting times in Tumbler Ridge and the recent discovery of authentic dinosaur tracks and bone beds are history in the making. As such, being a member of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation brings with it several unique and enviable advantages, such as:

  • The potential opportunity to accompany experts on organized digs and field trips and to be involved in local exploration
  • Inclusion in special group outings and events (Lantern Tours, fundraising dinners, presentations)
  • Access to email communications and cutting edge information
  • A voice in the direction and future of the museum through your vote
  • Low membership fee
 More important than this is the benefit to the community. By joining the Museum Foundation, you will:
  • Increase the size and strength of a not-for-profit organization that means to directly impact economic development in Tumbler Ridge
  • Assure potential investors and sponsors that the Museum has a strong support system of volunteers and a broad range of knowledge and skills within its Board of Directors
  • Assist in providing the manpower required for digs and exploration
  • Demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm and solidarity

Like the creatures that roamed this country millions of years ago and left their mark for us to find, we too have an opportunity to leave a mark. Our Museum is no longer a dream — it is becoming a reality. Join us and be part of the legacy.

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Please fill out the form and mail it to:
TRMF, Box 1348, Tumbler Ridge, BC, V0C 2W0


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