Second annual general meeting
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation
Box 1348 Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0
Contact: Carolyn Golightly, President
April 18, 2004

On Sunday April 18 the public library hosted the Tumbler Ridge Museum
Foundation's second Annual General Meeting.

The event began with a 1 pm tour of the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre, where dinosaur bones from the 2003 excavation are housed and await preparation by scientists Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley.

The AGM was called to order shortly after 2 pm by current president Carolyn Golightly. She welcomed the members, directors and invited guests, including Wayne Sawchuk (who discovered the dinosaur bones in 2002), Brian Pate of Chetwynd Forest Industries and his wife Karen, and guest presenter Dr. Rolf Ludvigsen who, along with Pamela Willis - new campus principal of the Tumbler Ridge campus of Northern Lights College - have relocated from Denman Island to the Moberly Lake area.

Following the approval of the minutes from the previous AGM and the audited financial statements, Golightly made an address, citing the significant accomplishments and progress of the TRMF over the past year. The current Board of Directors was introduced and applauded for their leadership; sponsors were acknowledged and thanked. Rich McCrea gave a brief address, praising the efforts of the directors and acknowledging the entire community for supporting the Museum's activities. Vice-president Dr. Charles Helm recognized president Carolyn Golightly for her leadership and organization, and presented her with a commemorative plaque on behalf of the membership.

The podium was then turned over to Fred Banham, who conducted the 2004 Board election. Twelve nominations were submitted for 12 seats; the following members were declared by acclamation to be the 2004/2005 Board of Directors:
Amanda Battenfelder
Rose Colledge
Christine Goodwin
Carolyn Golightly
Dr. Charles Helm
Jess Hunt
Dr. Charles Lair
Jack McNeill
Hazel Peters
Stanley Porter
Charissa Tonnesen
Earl Wilkerson

A refreshment break followed. The celebratory cake was cut and, while members mingled over coffee and Chai tea, the new Board met for a photo session.

The day concluded with an informative look at the dinosaur experience of Courtenay, BC, as told by Dr. Rolf Ludvigsen. An accomplished invertebrate palaeontologist, teacher and author, Ludvigsen described how the elasmosaur was discovered and excavated, and how the Vancouver Island Paleontology Society came to be formed. Ludvigsen's books promote the working relationships between amateur and professional palaeontologists, a philosophy that is shared by the TRMF, as evidenced by the collaboration between our Board and our scientific advisors.

Carolyn Golightly bestowed on Dr. Ludvigsen one of the Foundation's signature theropod footprint casts, in thanks for his excellent presentation. Noting similarities between the Tumbler Ridge and
Courtenay experiences, she invited Ludvigsen to lend his expertise to our projects once he is settled in the area.

Special thanks to Michelle Burton of the TR Public Library; the District of TR maintenance staff, Rich McCrea, Lisa Buckley, Dr. Ludvigsen, Pam Willis and Fred Banham.



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