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December 29, 2005

Hello TRMF members

In November Burlington Resources Canada announced its intention to conduct a new seismic program close to Tumbler Ridge, involving close to 90 kms of seismic line. The company asked for input from stakeholders.

Examination of the map provided revealed that one of the proposed lines would have passed straight over the Cabin Pool rock with its dinosaur footprints beside Flatbed Creek. This line would also have intersected the Flatbed Pools trail at the Overhanging Rock Pool and Oysterbeds fossil site. Another proposed line would have intersected the Quality Falls trail near the trailhead.

Both Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS), the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) and the District of Tumbler Ridge then provided written input expressing concerns about these lines and their potential impact.

Through its consultants Burlington Resources recently provided a response to these organizations, indicating that the one proposed line in question had been cancelled, and the other moved 300 meters east so as to avoid the sensitive area in question.

In 2004 Burlington Resources was equally responsive to concerns about a proposed pipeline that would have intersected the Tepee Falls trail, and made a generous proposal to more than mitigate any potential impact on this trail. The company also recently made a substantial donation to the Monkman Memorial Trail.

These solutions reflect how recreational, scientific and industrial concerns can productively work together to create win-win situations if all parties approach the issues constructively.

Along the same lines, WNMS and District of Tumbler Ridge recently responded to a request from Ministry of Forests regarding the designation of scenic area and visual quality objectives (VQOs) for the region. In summary the comments that were submitted dealt with the need for VQOs to apply to the twenty three trails of the hiking trail system, and the fact that many of the most important scenic treasures of the Tumbler Ridge area had not been recognized in the Ministry’s inventory. These comments have been constructively received and are undergoing further consideration, and a more detailed response can be expected once the trail system is fully geo-referenced.

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