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December 8, 2004

Tumbler Ridge matriarch Janet Hartford was rummaging through a forgotten drawer in a basement cupboard when she came across two old black and white photographs she never knew she had. She realized that they were of two of The Cascades in Monkman Provincial Park, south of Tumbler Ridge, and that they had been taken in 1939 by Reg Leake, a professional photographer from Beaverlodge. In fact Janet had been there herself that summer during the building of the Monkman Pass Highway, and immediately recognized their timeless historic value. The two photos overlapped, and had been joined together to create a stunning image of mountain scenery.

Guy Moore, one of the Monkman pioneers, once wrote that these falls were his favorite. In 1999 Tumbler Ridge’s Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society successfully applied to have the falls officially registered as Upper Moore Falls and Lower Moore Falls.

With the help of Gary and Brenda Holmlund, of Holmlund Exploration Services, the photos were scanned, the major imperfections were removed, and the resulting magnificent enlargedment was printed on high quality paper using the Holmlund’s new plotter. The Holmlunds then gave one of the 50 x 25 cm prints to the Hartfords, and one to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, who will frame and exhibit it.

These photos are unrepeatable today. They were made possible in 1939 after an extensive fire had raged through what is now Monkman Provincial Park. The resulting open areas allowed the photo to be taken. The rediscovery of these priceless images provides another glimpse into the heroic attempts in the 1930s to carve a highway through these mountains, destroyed only by the outbreak of World War II.

The Cascades is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, where Monkman Creek falls ten times in succession, separated by lake-like widenings in the river. In 2004 volunteers from the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society, supported by BC Parks, improved trails around The Cascades and constructed a rustic campsite on the banks of the creek just above the highest of the ten falls.

Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Janet and George Hartford and Holmlund Exploration Services for this donation.

Gary Holmlund of Holmlund Exploration Services, Tumbler Ridge matriarch Janet Hartford,
and TRMF Vice President Charles Helm.


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