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For Immediate Release
June 10, 2003

Organizers of the summer Dino Camps project in Tumbler Ridge announced earlier this week that the six-week pilot program, scheduled for July and August 2003, is sold out.

A joint initiative between Northern Lights College and the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, the dinosaur theme camps met with such enthusiasm that 60 children were registered, more than a month in advance of the July 7 start date. A waiting list has been established, in case of cancellations, and organizers are already taking names for next year.

" Our marketing efforts took a while to gather momentum, but once they did we were overwhelmed at the response," says Carolyn Golightly, Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation President. "It was obvious when it happened. We went from a trickle of inquiries to a flood and before we knew it, the camps were full. Judging by the response, we’ll easily fill twice or three times the spots next year."

Dino Camps 2003 is a pilot project, designed to test the market and to test the curriculum, which is being developed and delivered by camp coordinator Marisa Gilbert, a palaeontology student from the University of Alberta.

From her office in the Tumbler Ridge campus, Marisa is fine-tuning the curriculum, which includes field trips to nearby dinosaur trackways and to Hudsons Hope, simulated excavations, games and instruction in geology, palaeontology and history. This curriculum will be expanded over the next year to include programs for adults, seniors and students of all ages.

Many of the Dino Camp participants are from Hudsons Hope, Chetwynd and Farmington, but some from as far away as Kelowna and Port Alberni and in several cases the children are grandchildren of local residents. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion, t-shirt, water bottle and his or her own handmade cast of an authentic dinosaur print, as a memento of Tumbler Ridge and the Dino Camp experience.

For more information, log on to www.nlc.bc.ca, or call 250-242-5591 to register for Dino camps 2004.

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