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Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation
Box 1348 Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0
Contact: Dr Charles Helm, Vice President – 250 242 3984

June 4, 2005

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) recently opened five new exhibits in Rooms 4 and 5, focussing on pioneer history and early exploration in the Tumbler Ridge area.
The intention is to create an enhanced atmosphere and new ambience in these rooms, which are frequently used for meetings, and whose walls were previously bare. The exhibits were developed at the request of Peter Thomas, Director of the Community Centre.
Original photographs were scanned, enlarged to 40" x 32" size and printed by Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley, were mounted on foam core board by Joan Zimmer, and were put up with the assistance of Community Centre staff.
Eight photos in the Fay exhibit depict this ground-breaking 1914 expedition, and seven photos likewise portray the 1927 Gray expedition through what is now the Tumbler Ridge area. The first 1914 settlers, the Peck family and Aunt Kate Edwards, are celebrated through photographs, and the John Terry exhibit forms a vital link between this distant age and the recent past.
The TRMF has been in contact with the descendants of these pioneers and explorers, who are all delighted to see the memory of these pioneers celebrated in this fashion. A brochure is in production for tourists and residents, describing these and all the other TRMF exhibits which have been developed in the Community Centre since 2003.


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