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Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation
Box 1348 Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0
Contact: Dr Charles Helm, Vice President – 250 242 3984

March 4, 2007

LaPrairie Crane has provided a $2000 donation to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation. The donation continues a long-standing support by LaPrairie Crane of Tumbler Ridge projects. In the past major donations have been made for the construction of the Tumbler Ridge swimming pool, and to the greening of the downtown core through planting thirty boulevard trees to commemorate the 10th and 20th anniversaries of the community.

This is the fifth consecutive year that LaPrairie Crane has supported the TRMF through such donations, which have been used to cover fuel expenses for the summer palaeontological field seasons. The company was one of the first to recognize the potential of the Museum Foundation to benefit the community and diversify the regional economy.

Roachelle LaPrairie, who presented the Museum Foundation with the cheque, said, “As a corporate citizen in Tumbler Ridge for the past twenty-five years, LaPrairie Crane recognizes the considerable value a museum will provide to our community. The tireless efforts of the TRMF volunteers to establish a facility which will celebrate and preserve our human and natural history should be applauded and supported by all. The story of Northeast Coal, the planned community called Tumbler Ridge, the natural history of our area, combined with the outstanding palaeontological discoveries of recent years, are all unique gifts that no other community in the Peace Region can claim to have.”

Dr Charles Helm, President of the TRMF, said, “We are most grateful for the continued support of Scott LaPrairie and LaPrairie Crane. What is especially important about this donation is that we can use it on operating expenses. Many other funding sources will only support capital projects. This donation helps us to continue our summer fieldwork in the area, and to piece together the Tumbler Ridge dinosaur story.”

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