New "Dino Camp" Coordinator

For Immediate Release
May 21, 2003

Northern Lights College and the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF) are pleased to announce the arrival of Marisa Gilbert, coordinator of the six-week summer "Dino Camp" program in Tumbler Ridge, BC.
Marisa, a student of palaeontology at the University of Alberta, was highly recommended for the 14-week coordinator position and her duties include developing the camp curriculum, securing the materials and equipment and delivering the program to 60 children, aged 7 through 12. The dinosaur theme camp - a joint pilot project between Northern Lights College and the TRMF - is a 5-day format, operating for six weeks during July and August.

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Marisa attended all-French schools and studied German on Saturdays for nine years, making her fluent in three languages. After two years in the University of Ottawa’s General Sciences program, she transferred to the University of Alberta in Edmonton and studied for two years in the undergraduate palaeontology degree program. She is currently working toward post-grad studies in vertebrate palaeontology.

Carolyn Golightly - Continuing Education coordinator for Northern Lights College and the President of the TRMF – was responsible for finding the camp coordinator. "We knew we had to have someone with the education and expertise to deliver a quality program, yet someone youthful and enthusiastic, who could relate well to kids. I knew from the first phone conversation with Marisa that she was the one."

Marisa arrived in Tumbler Ridge on May 17 and immediately "fell in love. I was in awe…it was so beautiful. I’ve only explored a little of the area and I’m looking forward to the prospect of getting out in the field." To date, Marisa’s work experience has consisted primarily of excavations and fieldwork, and she welcomes this new opportunity to diversify her skills and share her passion for science with the children who enroll in Dino camp.

" I want to inspire the kids to want to understand the earth’s history and how fossils and geology can be valuable clues to the past. I hope to instill an appreciation for geology, biology and palaeontology but most of all I hope to have fun and share this great experience with them."

Only 60 placements are available for Dino camps this summer. To enroll your child, or to read about the program, visit or call 250-242-5591.

Carolyn Golightly, left, and Marisa Gilbert, Dino Camp coordinator,
begin work on program development from Marisa’s office in the Tumbler Ridge campus.

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