For Immediate Release
May 25, 2003

With the hammering in of the nail of the last "Caution" sign, Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) president Kevin Sharman officially opened the Bergeron Cliffs Hiking Trail, just north of Tumbler Ridge, on Sunday 18 May. This was the culmination of four hundred volunteer trail-building hours.

This sensational trail gently ascends four hundred meters over its 3 kilometer length (6 kms return distance), and roughly follows the cliff band through a variety of forest types. Towards the end of the trail there are six view sites, and at one stage the trail parallels the cliff edge for some distance, just a few meters from the edge. Dramatic views unfold of the cliffs, the Rocky Mountains, the Murray River Valley, and the town of Tumbler Ridge way below.

Caution signs warn of the enormous drop-offs, which are not protected with safety features, and special care is needed with children and pets. Handrails and staircases have been established at the steeper sections and the entire trail is signed. The trail has already become a favourite training route for runners preparing for the Emperor’s Challenge Mountain Half Marathon, to be held 9 August.

The trailhead is 15 kms from Tumbler Ridge, and the first section of trail is shared with the 5 km long Bergeron Falls trail, which leads to the highest waterfall in northern BC (over 100 meters high). The two trails can easily be combined into a day outing by means of a connecting trail (total distance 13 kms).
These trails complement the other eleven trails which the WNMS has built over the past five years, which have transformed Tumbler Ridge into a unique hiking and wilderness destination. Features include waterfalls, alpine summits, caves, dinosaur track sites, rock gardens, swimming holes, a canyon overlook, and a wilderness cabin. WNMS is currently building its final 2003 trail, the Bullmoose Marshes wetland interpretive site.

Brochures have recently been created on all these trails and other Tumbler Ridge hiking routes, and can be downloaded at

For further information please contact Kevin (250) 242-4860 or
Charles (250) 242-3984.

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