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Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation
Box 1348 Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0
Contact: Charles Helm, Vice President
Email: drchelm@pris.caInnovative
February 9, 2004

The Souvenir Committee of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation comprises Crys White (chair), Rosemary Foerster (treasurer), Mary Buist, Doug Foerster, George Hartford, Janet Hartford and Hazel Peters.

These dedicated volunteers, and the museum members they cajole into helping them, invent innovative ways of raising funds for the Foundation’s numerous projects. Hot dogs were the only generic sales item in 2003/4; everything else has had an innovative twist, often dealing with dinosaurs, which are the museum’s number one attraction.

These range from wooden dino kit puzzles to hand-thrown dinosaur footprint pottery (mugs, bowls and platters with theropod and ornithopod trackways), from soap bars containing mini dinosaur models to raffle tickets for handmade dinosaur quilts. Finally, there is the coveted theropod footprint cast, which now adorns the walls of many homes- in the Peace region and overseas.

The present committee is building on the initiatives of the 2002 group, which also included Carolyn Golightly (who is now the TRMF President), Loraine Funk and Jill Mason. Pie sales and an outdoor-gear raffle were some of the successful 2002 ventures.

The effect of these sales goes a long way beyond the dollar amount. They raise the profile of the museum and promote awareness of its activities, strengthening fund-raising proposals that are presented to potential private and government funding sources. And their uniqueness enhances the image of Tumbler Ridge as a progressive community with a fascinating future.

Through their selfless efforts they have raised over $6000 for the Foundation, with a further $4000 projected through further dinosaur footprint and raffle ticket sales. Their passion and commitment serve as a wonderful example of service for an inspiring cause.

Crys White can be contacted at 250-242-4499 for details on any of these souvenir items and more reading on TRMF projects can be viewed at

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